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Stereo Movie Maker 1.20 Portable

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Stereo Movie Maker 1.20 Portable


Stereo Movie Maker

Stereo Movie Maker – универсальный стерео редактор фильмов и просмотра стерео фильмов на видеоплеере.

Создаете сами стереофильм из любого видеофайла и смотрите.

The Stereo Movie Maker application was designed to be a versatile stereo movie editor and stereo movie player.

Here are some key features of “Stereo Movie Maker”:

  • · Drag-and-drop movies onto the SMM window or shortcut.
  • · Add a fuzzy border of defined-width to reduce retinal-rivalry caused by window-violation.
  • · Left-Right Image swap
  • · Vertically-mirror the top, bottom or both movies and optionally save them.
  • · Horizontally-mirror the left, right or both movies (useful for some two-monitor viewing devices and movies taken with beamsplitters) and optionally save them.
  • · Perspective rotations around a horizontal and/or vertical axis to correct keystone distortion (sometimes unavoidable with macro movies).
  • · Resampling option after ‘Easy Adjustment’ for better image quality.
  • · Use a household mirror to encourage the general public to enjoy stereo movies without freeviewing or anaglyph glasses
  • · Rotate left/right images from twin-camera rigs in any configuration.
  • · View in windowed or fullscreen mode on a single or dual monitors and use keyboard or mousewheel to zoom-in/out.
  • · Toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes by simply pressing ‘Enter’ key.
  • · Create stereo-soundtrack from left/right MPEG movies.
  • · Save cropped movie
  • · Save resized movie
  • · Save movie in different stereo-format
  • · Save movie with different compression
  • · Save a selected stereo ‘clip’of the movie.
  • · Synchronise Left/right movies
  • · Do your own stereo ‘blue screen compositing’
  • · Auto-align to user-defined vertical or horizontal reference line.
  • · Correct rotation, image size or alignment errors.

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Stereo Movie Maker 1.20 Portable