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Nox App Player Final

09.08.2017 14:17
5 out of 5 stars

Nox App Player Final – эмулятор Android для ПК


Nox App Player
Nox App Player – мощный эмулятор операционной системы Android для ПК, позволяющий запускать Android приложения прямо из-под Windows.

От подобных эта программа отличается достаточно высокой производительностью, наличием дополнительных параметров управления, набором встроенных инструментов оптимизации и простой настройкой.

Nox App Player is an Android emulator for your PC with easy Google Play access and ease of use in a decent sized download. Google Play access is a huge thing that many other emulators lack. Often times you need to find APKs to download and that literally defeats the entire purpose of an emulator. I cant tell you how many times I have downloaded and installed an emulator just to look at and wonder why Google Play access isnt right there. Nox takes care of this annoyance by making Google Play the core of its functionality. It works perfectly.

So, if you are looking to simply install something and run apps from Google, just like your phone then this is most likely the one you want. It really does works perfectly. You can flip Nox, just like your phone or table as well. You can run multiple instances as well as game controllers. Some have been getting an error message about incompatible CPU’s that appears to only show up if you have a single core CPU.

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Nox App Player Final – эмулятор Android для ПК