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MyDefrag 4.2.8 Portable

13.02.2010 23:44
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MyDefrag 4.2.8 Portable



MyDefrag – Продвинутый дефрагментатор для операционных систем Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista 32/64-bits.

Программа не требует настройки, крайне проста в использовании, работает быстро и стабильно, имеет две стратегии дефрагметации, может работать с дискетами и USB-дисками, поддерживает запуск из командной строки и другие полезные возможности.

MyDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer (a maintenance utility to make your harddisk faster) for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, and for X64. It is freeware, no time limit, fully functional, no advertisements.

Fast, low overhead, with many optimization strategies, can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything else that looks like a disk to Windows. Included are a set of easy to use scripts for endusers, a scripting engine for demanding users, a screensaver, and a combined Windows plus commandline version that can be scheduled by the Windows task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts.

MyDefrag is extremely solid because it is based on the standard defragmentation API by Microsoft, a system library that is included in Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and 2008. Most defragmenters are based on this API, including the free defragmenter that comes with Windows and many commercial defragmenters. Basically all MyDefrag does is send “move this file to that location” commands to the API. The API is part of the operating system and can safely move almost any file on the disk, without risk and while the computer is in full use.

  • Defragmention

· Imagine a book split into several parts, some pages are over here, other pages in another room on another floor altogether. You will have to walk a lot when you need to read the book. It may sound silly, but this is exactly what happens to files on your harddisk. Defragmentation will put all the parts (fragments) back together, making your computer a lot faster.

  • Optimization

· Imagine a big library with lots of books, spread out all over the building and not sorted whatsoever. There is an index telling you exactly where every book is, but you will have to walk a lot when you need several books. This is exactly what happens on your harddisk, the files that belong to an application can be all over the place, anywhere on the harddisk. Optimization will bring all the files together in one place, leaving the rest of the harddisk empty, and will sort the files, for example alphabetically.

What’s New in MyDefrag:

  • · Moved several more strings to the Settings.MyD file so they can now be translated.
  • · Fixed a bug that would prevent scripts from showing up in the script chooser if the script contained a macro, for example the !Include PATH! macro.
  • · Fixed a bug that would crash the script chooser if the user clicked an empty line in the box of scripts.
  • · The installer no longer offers to create a scheduled task on Windows 2000. It uses the Windows “Schtasks.exe” commandline utility for that, but that utility does not exist on Windows 2000.
  • · Fixed a bug in the AnalyzeOnly script where the statistics per disk were not appended, but would overwrite the entire previous statistics.
  • · Changed the way the window positions are saved & restored so they cannot not end up off-screen if the screen has been resized.
  • · Renamed WindowSize(normal) into WindowSize(restore), and added WindowSize(fixed).
  • · Fixed a bug where the program could enter an infite loop if paused while showing the statistics. This also solves the problem of the statistics not being filled with the numbers.
  • · Fixed a bug in the FastFill action where the program could go into an endless loop if a gap was followed by an unmovable file and all items above the gap were bigger than the gap.
  • · Fixed a bug in a subroutine that is used by FastFill and SortBy, which was causing various erratic behaviours such as unfilled gaps and files not moved to the proper zone.
  • · Fixed a bug that was causing the program to use excessive amounts of memory and in some cases to crash with a “Memory full” error.

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