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MemTurbo 4.1.0331 Portable

09.01.2010 21:21
2.3 out of 5 stars

MemTurbo 4.1.0331 Portable


MemTurbo – Утилитa для ускорения работы компьютера.

Программа дает возможность управлять загруженностью процессора, временно отключать компоненты операционной системы, которые используют файл подкачки, производить настройку приложений, работающих в режиме ожидания, добавлена возможность распределения приоритетов программам. MemTurbo позволяет проверять статус физической и виртуальной памяти в реальном времени, наблюдая, сколько памяти свободно, а сколько – занято.

This effective memory optimization tool will boost your system’s performance, but the demo disables some useful options. MemTurbo’s well-designed interface logically places the important tools at the forefront, while making other functions easy to access. The program minimizes to your system tray for quick access if needed. Many users may find they use the wizard and let the utility operate unmanaged. Oddly, however, the wizard suggests Auto Recover and Target Free RAM levels, but doesn’t automatically set those values.

The concepts and information presented through the wizard and help screens is clear and helpful. The default memory optimization functions are easily set up and sufficient for most users. Advanced users will find it easy to further tweak settings to improve system performance. Many functions and tips are easily enabled with single-click buttons and option settings. In addition to tuning memory, this utility includes features to boost priority for active programs, reclaim RAM from idle programs, and force Windows to improve system cache use.

A history or undo feature to revert settings is sorely missed. While the demo period is a mere 15 days and some important features are disabled, testing this utility is still easily accomplished. Experienced users will get more out of this application, but even novice users should notice system improvements with the wizard’s settings.

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MemTurbo 4.1.0331 Portable