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Little Disk Cleaner 0.1

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Little Disk Cleaner 0.1 + Portable


Little Disk Cleaner

Little Disk Cleaner – простая в использовании программа для быстрого и легкого освобождения свободного места на жестком диске.

Утилита удаляет ненужные мусорные файлы, которые не используются программами, установленными в вашей системе. Небольшая бесплатная программа с открытым исходным кодом по поиску и удалению ненужных файлов для освобождения дополнительного пространства на жестком диске.

Основные характеристики:

  • Удаляет любые ненужные файлы.
  • Очищает временные установочные файлы, Log файлы, Временные интернет файлы и др.
  • Есть разные режимы очистки, также и по типам файлов.
  • Освобождает дополнительное место на жестком диске.
  • 100% бесплатна.
  • И др.

Little Disk Cleaner is a simple and in the same time powerful program for disk clean up of unnecessary files. If you need a good PC cleaner Little Disk Cleaner’s for you. Besides it contains some additional functions which will help you with adjustment and management of your Windows operational system.

Functions of Little Disk Cleaner program assisting to find and remove unnecessary files are:
1. Junk files removal. Junk files are ones about which existence you didn’t suspect as they are created with various computer programs without your conduction. Sometimes forgetting to remove them. And you won’t forget! Little Disk Cleaner will find and PC clean up. Little Disk Cleaner up was not a problem.

2. Duplicate files removal. Frequently we copy on the computer the files for example a new film or mp3 music album or set of graphic files. At a certain moment a plenty of the same file copies will appear on your computer. Why do you need copy? Disk Cleaner will find and remove the duplicates. Disk clean up of duplicates is what you need for normal computer work.

3. System folders clean up (important part of disk clean up). Some programs keep on your disk files necessary for them to work further. For example Windows keeps in a basket files while you don’t clean up it or get the file removed earlier. But except the basket there is a set of places which can be cleaned thus to increase empty space size on your drive. Do you know where to clean up? Little Disk Cleaner knows. This PC cleaner will show you the places and allow to PC clean up.

4. Incorrect shortcuts removal. For certain on your computer there are shortcuts which after the start inform you about the following: “Sorry the file X isn’t found”. And how many do you have shortcuts? Probably they are more than 10000. Disk Cleaner will find fastly and remove incorrect shortcuts on your computer.

A little more good functions of Little Disk Cleaner program for disk clean up:

  • 1. The automatic load manager will allow to add the PC cleaner in the list of programs started at Windows start or to remove from the list.
  • 2. The program removal manager will allow deinstalling the PC cleaner. And also to remove the established program information from the register.
  • 3. Irrevocable file removal will allow removing a file without any chances to restore again with the help of special programs.
  • 4. File attribute change will help to change file properties beginning from labels ArchiveSystemOnly readHidden and finishing date and term of creation and change. It is possible to change both separate files and the whole directory with all subdirectories and files of them.

Use Little Disk Cleaner, do your PC clean up with pleasure.

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Little Disk Cleaner 0.1 + Portable