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Wipe 16.05 Portable

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Wipe 16.05 Portable – высший уровень безопасности



Wipe – мощная программа предоставляющая высший уровень безопасности.

Позволяет очистить историю браузера, кеш, файлы index.dat, куки, логи, временные интернет файлы, историю поиска и прочее, т.е. все следы пребывания в сети.

И не только их, но и временные файлы Windows, историю поисковых запросов и т.п., причем сделает это так, что восстановить удаленные данные будет уже нельзя.

Особенности Wipe:

  • Комплексное решение для удаления конфиденциальных данных
  • Очистка следов работы в ос Windows

  • Очистка следов работы более чем 100 приложений
  • Предпросмотр удаляемых данных
  • Закрытие запущенных приложений
  • Контроль правильности удаления
  • Удаление данных без возможности восстановления
  • Бесплатные обновления

WIPE is a free, easy to use and powerful security tool that allows you to protect your privacy by clearing browser history and cache, cleaning index.dat files, securely removing cookies, safely deleting autocomplete history and temporary internet files and erasing any other tracks that you leave behind after having used your pc. Only the evidence of your activities, which is recorded and stored by your computer without your permission, is erased – no user documents are deleted!

The internet isn’t a safe environment, hackers are monitoring passwords, cookies and browsing activities, which is why users need all the protection they can get. Privacy ( security ) software has been developed to keep users’ personal information safe as they browse the internet, generally by allowing users to securely delete their internet tracks, remove junk files and shred sensitive computer data.


  • Complete solution to remove user tracks – Wipe clears user browsing history, cookies, index.dat files, cache, logs, temporary internet files, autocomplete search history, recent document list, recent keywords list in toolbars, cached thumbnails of viewed pictures, registry cache and many many other areas.
  • Clear tracks collected by Windows – Wipe clear history records, tracks and evidences of computer usage made in Windows. Nobody will be able to find out what you did on your PC.
  • Clear tracks in 100s other applications – Wipe will also clear tracks, evidences, garbage files in many other programs that you might have installed on your PC.
  • Impressive list with tracks preview – after running Wipe will show you convenient list of all tracks that you have on your PC, calculates amount of files and registry records.
  • Tracks preview – you can click any item in the list to see which tracks (information) stored under it to deside if you need to clear it.
  • Separated by areas – every program in the list (including Windows) have several options to clean. User can specify what to clean more carefully. Every area have its own checkbox.
  • Closing running programs – Windows doesn’t allow to deleted any data if used by some running program. Wipe will check for running programs and will close those that necessary for successful cleanup.
  • Watching for success – Wipe will verify tracks removal and will notify you if any file or registry record wasn’t deleted correctly. This can happen if some running program locking files/registry records.
  • No restore – Wipe uses anti-recovery methods, even file names will be renamed to digits so noone will be able to guess content of deleted files.
  • Reminds you ro clean your PC – Wipe tray agent can remind you to clean your PC when you have finished with Internet browsing.
  • Free updates – you should update Wipe to make sure that all newest software that you have installed supported by Wipe.

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Wipe 16.05 Portable – высший уровень безопасности
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Wipe 16.05 Portable – высший уровень безопасности