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PWGen 2.7.0 PortableApps

Обновлено 29.12.2015 21:50
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PWGen 2.7.0 PortableApps – криптографически безопасные пароли



PWGen – это генератор паролей, удовлетворяющий самым высоким требованиям безопасности.

Может создавать пароли длиной до 2048 битов, которые можно также сохранить в виде бинарного файла-ключа или в виде диска-ключа, которые можно использовать для шифрования, не оставляя следов.

Изменения в версии 2.1.0


  • new option “Format Password”: allows you to fully customize the passwords by providing a pattern-based generation using placeholders (for inserting characters from various character sets) and other format specifiers (e.g.,for permuting character sequences)
  • introduction of command line switches
  • ambiguous characters may be provided in groups of similar-looking characters (e.g., “B8 G6 I1l0OQD S5 Z2″)
  • new “Advanced” option “Convert all words in word lists to lower-case”
  • word lists are loaded automatically
  • new “quick help” buttons for character set & word list box
  • new option “Enabled Password Testing” in context menu of password box:
  • enables the user to manipulate the contents of the box and let PWGen estimate the security of the entered sequence
  • new “password quality bar” below the password box: length & color of the bar signify security of the generated password (the longer & greener, the better)
  • random seed file is created/overwritten in order to preserve entropy collected during runtime


  • function “Generate Password” in the context menu of the PWGen system tray icon can generate all kinds of passwords now (i.e., not limited to characters any more)
  • text encryption scheme changed: HMAC of the plaintext (instead of the ciphertext) is generated, full 256 bits of HMAC-SHA-256 are used; an encrypted 4-byte identification string serves to quickly check the key without having to compute the full HMAC; these changes allow for using other encryption algorithms besides AES in future versions
  • backwards compatibility for old encryption scheme (PWGen x.y.z (new)

- minor fixes, but lots of internal changes in the code

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PWGen 2.7.0 PortableApps – криптографически безопасные пароли