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EyeTrainer 1.0 Portable

31.01.2010 15:03
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EyeTrainer 1.0 Portable


EyeTrainer – ваш личный бесплатный программный тренер для проведения лучших и наиболее эффективных упражнений для улучшения зрения.

Каждое такое упражнение имеет инструкцию и демонстрацию техники выполнения, понятную даже начинающему пользователю

EyeTrainer is your private trainer for doing the best and most efficient eye exercises. You can find the exercises in the Eye exercises section. Every exercise has an explanation on how to perform it along with a short animation that demonstrates it. For this reason, every exercise will be clear to any beginner without prior knowledge or experience.

All the exercises are available free of charge in the Download exercises section. You can download an executable (.exe) file with all the exercises in it, which is compatible with the current Windows operating systems.

Please be aware that all the exercises provided are only a recommendation and are to be performed at one’s own risk. Use these exercises at your own discretion as we hold no responsibility.

Many of us suffer from various eye and vision problems. While many of us are not aware of it, there is an alternative solution to this type of problems. All you need to do are some simple exercises for several minutes a day and your eye health along with your vision will gradually improve.

Even in case you do not have any eye problems and your vision is excellent, you can still do these eye exercises to maintain your 20/20 vision.

You can do these exercises anywhere you want and without any special equipment. The exercises are easy to do and with EyeTrainer it is also absolutely free.

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EyeTrainer 1.0 Portable