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yBook 1.5.28 RuS Portable

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yBook 1.5.28 RuS Portable



yBook – профессиональная программа для представления текстовой информации в виде “экранной” книги.

Например, если в одной папке есть несколько текстовых файлов (pdb, text, html и rtf), то их можно объединить и читать как одну книгу. Также yBook поддерживает html-документы, причем, картинки, находящиеся в нем, также будут отображаться.

Freeware pdb, text, html and rtf ebook reader software.
yBook is a professional, easy-to-use online authoring tool for creating a digital, interactive publication from the PDF format. It provides automatic conversion and gives a unique possibility of enriching publications with additional multimedia resources (images, animations, movies, sounds and many more). Using our sister and compatible product yAuthor.com, you can now link interactive activities, lessons and educational games directly to any page of your “yBook” e-Book.

With yBook you can:

  • Convert your textbooks’ PDFs into interactive digital resources
  • Link interactive content to your digital textbook
  • Make your digital textbooks Interactive-whiteboard ready!
  • Publish your digital textbook online and offline
  • Make your textbook truly accessible for all students
  • Link interactive activities to the pages of your yBook publication


  • Runs on any Windows PC (Win95 or later)
  • Display your book on side-by-side or single pages.
  • Resize the pages, adjust the margins, set text and paper colour.
  • Text, html and RTF reader
  • PDB and PRC reader
  • ePub reader
  • Search for words or phrases
  • Automatic bookmarks
  • Text sizes from tiny to HUGE
  • No zooming, panning or scrolling
  • Direct download of all Gutenberg titles, with index.
  • Internationalised menus – Spanish, German, etc
  • Completely free to use: No registration, no adware, no spyware.

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yBook 1.5.28 RuS Portable