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ComicRack 0.9.154 RuS

10.04.2012 20:46
2.2 out of 5 stars

ComicRack 0.9.154 RuS + Portable – лучшая читалка комиксов



Comic Rack – лучшая читалка комиксов (электронных книг), которая позволяет читать комиксы на компьютере, масштабировать их, а также хранит “библиотеку” комиксов, для которой можно составлять “умные” списки изданий.

В новой версии:


  • NEW: Added new script hook to execute scripts during startup (see sample scripts)
  • NEW: Added script commands ComicRack.Application.Restart()/ScanFolders()/SynchronizeDevices()
  • NEW: Option to keep last read eComic from series on device during sync (“But keep last read”)
  • NEW: SyncKeepLastRead setting in ComicRack.ini
  • NEW: When exporting Reading Lists from Smart Lists you now can select to export as single entries (and not smart list)
  • NEW: Scripts can now set/get/delete custom values for books with book.SetCustomValue(key,value)/GetCustomValue(key)/DeleteCustomValue(key)


  • CHANGE: Redesign of sync options (may not be compatible in all cases with old settings)
  • CHANGE: Synching limited lists now interleaves by sort order
  • CHANGE: Synched lists now default to “sort by series”
  • CHANGE: Removed “Reverse” option for synching
  • CHANGE: For synching Android Client 1.62 and up is required


  • BUGFIX: Fixed missing translations in Script Preferences
  • BUGFIX: Fixed localization when scroll groups where toggled to tab groups in dialogs
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash when scripts delayed startup process
  • BUGFIX: Fixed adding own smartlists to quick open
  • BUGFIX: Fixed saving of SeriesGroup & StoryArc in files
  • BUGFIX: Fixed performance issues when smartlist caching is turned on
  • BUGFIX: Fixed ‘&’ display at various places
  • BUGFIX: Fixed various spelling mistakes in the german language pack
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible exception when stepping through a list history with deleted lists
  • BUGFIX: Fixed encoding for “Export comic list” script
  • BUGFIX: Fixed missing icon for “Temporary Folder” in duplicate list command
  • BUGFIX: Fixed enabling of list settings in device dialog

Обновление: 2012
ОС: Win XP / Vista / 7
Язык: ML + Русский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 11.04/11.56 Mb

ComicRack 0.9.154 RuS

ComicRack 0.9.154 RuS Portable

Видео ComicRack:

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Загрузок: 846

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ComicRack 0.9.154 RuS + Portable – лучшая читалка комиксов