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Djvu Reader Portable

31.01.2010 16:51
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Djvu Reader Portable


Программа DjVuReader предназначена для просмотра файлов в формате djvu в Windows95/98/XP.

Программа была написана так: из исходных кодов DjVuLibre-3.5.12 под Linux была построена dll с интерфейсами под VC-7. Вся GUI-часть программы написана под Borland C Builder 6.

Возможности Djvu Reader:

  • -поддерживает просмотр в однои двухстраничном режимах;
  • -настройка яркости и контрастности изображения;
  • -поддерживает индексы страниц и содержание;
  • -копирование текста и изображения;
  • -открытие всех файлов во вкладках в одном окне;
  • -удобная навигация с клавиатуры, позволяющая не использовать мышь;

Доп. информация: В комплекте присутствует программа, требующая установки, русификатор для неё, а также Portable-версия на английском.

DjVu Reader is viewer for DjVu, djv, and DjVu2 files. It is portable, lightweight and fast.
DjVu – a format designed specifically for storage of scanned documents (books, magazines, etc.) in electronic form. The format is often used in cases where the full recognition of the document can not or, conversely, must submit the original document type, along with defects and distortions (eg, sheet of parchment).

The main advantage of the format djvu (pronounced “deja vu”) – this is a high degree of compression, which is achieved by using special technology that separates the scanned image into three layers, each of which is compressed with different quality. In addition, djvu file may contain text (OCR) layer, whose presence allows you to search through the document and copy text blocks.

Format djvu often compared to the pdf, but in fact they have common sufficiently small. Externally djvu and pdf documents look similar: text, images, active menu. At the same time pdf has a great interactive features that can contain multimedia objects (including video / audio recording), and scripts. File pdf, consisting only of the scanned and OCR program unrecognized pages just a special case, whereas for djvu this rule.

Based on the foregoing, Djvu logical to compare the graphics formats JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and so on. Thanks to our own compression algorithm format djvu without exaggeration be called the ideal way to create and store electronic books. High quality images in the gif will have a distorted view, and the text is saved and uzhaty in jpg, blur. The solution to this problem and has a format djvu.


  • support single and broadcast page viewing;
  • bright and contrast adjust of image;
  • support page index and content;
  • copy of hidden text and image to clipboard;
  • support viewing in multitabs;
  • sophisticated hotkeys;
  • and other…

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Djvu Reader Portable
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Djvu Reader Portable