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Что нового AnyDesk 2.3.0 Beta Portable

29.04.2016 21:37
5 out of 5 stars

AnyDesk 2.3.0 Beta Portable – быстрая программа для удаленного управления компьютером - что нового?


AnyDesk 2.3.0 Beta
New Features
- Reworked the main menu into several menus.

Fixed Bugs
- Mouse jitter could cause AnyDesk to falsely display the user pointer and disallow
remote mouse input for some time. Small local mouse moves are now ignored.
- Fixed customer module displaying UAC dialog on Windows XP when it was not needed.
- Fixed termination of portable AnyDesk using the tray menu.
- The clipboard was not functioning correctly when AnyDesk was not installed but
started as Admin user.
- AnyDesk should now run on Windows PE.
- It is now possible to use the & sign in the user name.
- When AnyDesks looses the keyboard focus, the keys are now released at the remote
site in order to prevent stuck keys.
- Further improved GUI with high DPI settings.
- Improved the reliability of the direct connection mechanism.

AnyDesk 2.2.1 Beta
Whats new:
- Fixed a deadlock which could occur when the backend started. This could lead to being unable to connect to a machine (“Waiting for connection”) until the machine was restarted.
- Fixed a bug where mouse input was falsely denied for certain areas of the screen.

AnyDesk 2.1.2 Beta
Fixed Bugs
- Proxy connections did not succeed when there was no password for the proxy. Fixed.
- Fixed another bug which could cause the proxy connection to fail.
- Fixed a crash which occured when using the mouse wheel on certain dialogs.
- Fixed the original view mode when the open gl renderer was selected.
- Fixed a bug where the monitor could not be switched in fullscreen mode.

New Features
- After a change of access direction, the direction can now be switched back from the accept window.
- anydesk: links now support passwords. To pass a password for a connection, use the following scheme:”anydesk:address@ad:cGFzc3dvcmQ=”. The password has to be in base64 encoding.
- new parameter –auto-close: This indicates to AnyDesk that it should auto-quit the frontend window when there are no more sessions.
- new config option for customized AnyDesk: It is now possible to disable the different tabs in the settings dialog using the client generator of the web console.