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Powder Player 1.20

08.05.2018 23:00
1.8 out of 5 stars

Powder Player 1.20 + Portable – торрент-клиент и плеер


Powder Player
Powder Player – является гибридом между торрент-клиентом и плеером.

Он может делать все что позволено торрент клиенту плюс все что может навороченный аудио/видео проигрыватель и даже больше!

Powder Player is a hybrid between a Torrent Client and a Player. Powder is the future of all torrent requirements, its a hybrid between a Torrent Client (Peerflix) and a Customized Player (WebChimera.js). It can do everything that a Torrent Client can, everything that a Video/Audio Player can and much more! When streaming a Video from a Torrent, you can Right Click and select Torrent Data in order to see the Torrent Control Panel.

Current Features
Downloads Subtitles in All Languages from Open Subtitles
Supports Internal Video Subtitles and Audio Tracks
If torrent has multiple video files it adds them to a playlist
Can be associated with Magnet Links, Torrent Files and Video Files
Works with any Torrent Files/Links, Magnet Links (not only torrents with videos), Youtube Links and all VLC Supported Media Files
Always on Top Feature
History of 20 last seen videos.
An Incredible List of HotKeys
Stream to TV (through DLNA/UPNP)
Supports Playlist of Torrents

  • Scan Library” and “Scan Server” features that either scan the download folder or the internet in order to try to add similar torrents/videos to your current playlist.

Ability to use VLC instead of Internal Player

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Powder Player 1.20 + Portable – торрент-клиент и плеер