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Что нового Tor Browser Bundle 6.0 Alpha 4

17.03.2016 21:14
5 out of 5 stars

Tor Browser Bundle 6.0 Alpha 4 (6.0a4) RUS Portable – для анонимного интернет-серфинга - что нового?


Tor Browser Bundle 4.0.3 Final
All Platforms
* Update Firefox to 31.4.0esr
* Update NoScript to
* Update meek to 0.15
* Update Tor Launcher to
* Translation updates only

Tor Browser Bundle 4.0 Final
Update Firefox to 31.2.0esr
Update Torbutton to
Bug 13378: Prevent addon reordering in toolbars on first-run.
Bug 10751: Adapt Torbutton to ESR31′s Australis UI.
Bug 13138: ESR31-about:tor shows “Tor is not working”
Bug 12947: Adapt session storage blocker to ESR 31.
Bug 10716: Take care of drag/drop events in ESR 31.
Bug 13366: Fix cert exemption dialog when disk storage is enabled.
Update Tor Launcher to
Translation updates only
Udate fteproxy to 0.2.19
Update NoScript to
Bug 13416: Defend against new SSLv3 attack (poodle).
Bug 13027: Spoof window.navigator useragent values in JS WebWorker threads
Bug 13016: Hide CSS -moz-osx-font-smoothing values.
Bug 13356: Meek and other symlinks missing after complete update.
Bug 13025: Spoof screen orientation to landscape-primary.
Bug 13346: Disable Firefox “slow to start” warnings and recordkeeping.
Bug 13318: Minimize number of buttons on the browser toolbar.
Bug 10715: Enable WebGL on Windows (still click-to-play via NoScript)
Bug 13023: Disable the gamepad API.
Bug 13021: Prompt before allowing Canvas isPointIn*() calls.
Bug 12460: Several cross-compilation and gitian fixes (see child tickets)
Bug 13186: Disable DOM Performance timers
Bug 13028: Defense-in-depth checks for OCSP/Cert validation proxy usage

Tor Browser Bundle 3.6.2 Final
Update Firefox to 24.6.0esr
Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1h
Update NoScript to
Update Tor to
Update Tor Launcher to
Bug 10425: Provide geoip6 file location to Tor process
Bug 11754: Remove untranslated locales that were dropped from Transifex
Bug 11772: Set Proxy Type menu correctly after restart
Bug 11699: Change &#160 to in UI elements

Update Torbutton to
Bug 11510: about:tor should not report success if tor proxy is unreachable
Bug 11783: Avoid b.webProgress error when double-clicking on New Identity
Bug 11722: Add hidden pref to force remote Tor check
Bug 11763: Fix pref dialog double-click race that caused settings to be reset
Bug 11629: Support proxies with Pluggable Transports

Updates FTEProxy to 0.2.15
Updates obfsproxy to 0.2.9
Backported Tor Patches:
Bug 11654: Fix malformed log message in bug11156 patch.
Bug 10425: Add in Tor’s geoip6 files to the bundle distribution
Bugs 11834 and 11835: Include Pluggable Transport documentation
Bug 9701: Prevent ClipBoardCache from writing to disk.
Bug 12146: Make the CONNECT Host header the same as the Request-URI.
Bug 12212: Disable deprecated webaudio API
Bug 11253: Turn on TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
Bug 11817: Don’t send startup time information to Mozilla.

Tor Browser Bundle Final
All Platforms
Bug 10895: Fix broken localized bundles
Bug 10323: Remove unneeded gcc/libstdc++ libraries from dist