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Hamachi RuS

29.03.2011 20:44
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Hamachi RuS + Portable – создать локальную сеть



Hamachi – Позволяет создать через Интернет виртуальную локальную сеть, причем этому не помешают ни установленные файрволы, ни роутеры.

Созданная виртуальная сеть будет поддерживать практически все возможности обычной локальной сети, включая предоставление общего доступа к файлам и сетевые игры.

Преимущества Hamachi:

  • ЛВС через Интернет. Соедините несколько компьютеров в единую безопасную сеть, так же, как если бы они были соединены физическим кабелем
  • Удаленный доступ. Удаленное управление любым компьютером в сети с удаленного настольного компьютера
  • Файлы и сетевые диски. Доступ к важнейшим файлам и сетевым дискам
  • Без конфигурации. Работа без необходимости настраивать брандмауэр или маршрутизатор
  • Безопасность. Лучшие в отрасли функции шифрования и аутентификации

A networking technology enabling any two computers on the Internet to talk directly to each other. Hamachi will allow you to establish secure direct connections to PCs that are not accessible otherwise due to the restrictions in network setup. For example, if your home computer is connected to the Internet via Connection Sharing or Broadband Router, you will not generally be able to access it, say, from your office.

By installing Hamachi on both computers and clicking a couple of buttons you can connect them instantly and securely. Now you can browse file shares, run remote desktop or even host a multiplayer game on one computer and join in from another. Just as if they were connected with a physical wire.

Hamachi is a networking technology enabling any two computers on the Internet to talk directly to each other regardless of the presence of firewalls or address translation devices on the route between them.

Most interestingly, Hamachi enables peer-to-peer communications between two computers residing behind two different connection sharing devices. In geek language – it allows for bidirectional NAT traversal.

Peer to peer connectivity becomes possible with the help of Hamachi servers that mediate the establishment of an initial contact between peers.

Once peers connect the traffic starts to flow directly between them. This not only ensures that data travels the best route possible, but it also minimizes latency (ping time) and maximizes transfer speeds.

Hamachi is secure. All Hamachi communications are encrypted and authenticated using industry-standard algorithms and protocols. Nobody will be able to see what two Hamachi peers are talking about.

However what is more important – Hamachi security architecture is completely open meaning that its detailed description is available for review to anyone interested.

NOTE: Free for non-commercial use only. Commercial use is subject to an annual subscription fee, which allows you to network up to 256 computers, and offers fast relay.

Лекарство: Freeware / FREE
Язык Интерфейса: Multilanguage + Русский
Платформа/ОС: XP/Vista/7
Размер файла: 3.5/5.3 Mb

Hamachi RuS


Hamachi RuS Portable


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Hamachi RuS + Portable – создать локальную сеть