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ChunkVNC 3.1

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ChunkVNC 3.1



ChunkVNC – программа для простого и легкого способа управления несколькими удаленными компьютерами без какой-либо конфигурации сети на конечной машине.

ChunkVNC has been designed from the ground up to be a simple and easy way to control multiple computer systems without any network configuration on the client side. The primary goal is to give computer technicians the tools they need to support their customers.

ChunkVNC consists of three parts, InstantSupport, Repeater and Viewer.

* InstantSupport is a customizable AutoIt script that is compiled into a single executable. When InstantSupport is launched it will extract the UltraVNC server to a temporary directory, generate a random ID and securely connect the UltraVNC server to the repeater. InstantSupport also shows a user friendly interface with a large ID number to relieve customer confusion. The InstantSupport tray icon gives you the “Install Service” option which will permanently install the server onto the customers computer. This also gives you the ability to control UAC in Vista and reboot the remote computer.

* Repeater is the software that InstantSupport sets up the UltraVNC server to connect to. Once a customer is connected to the repeater you can control their computer just by knowing their ID number.

* Viewer is the part of UltraVNC that will connect to the Repeater so you can control the customers computer. The ability to transfer files and blank the clients screen are just some of the many features of the viewer.

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ChunkVNC 3.1