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BackStreet Browser 3.2

26.01.2011 15:10
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BackStreet Browser 3.2 + Portable


BackStreet Browser

BackStreet Browser – Небольшой оффлайновый браузер, позволяющий осуществлять поиск необходимых файлов по заданной метке.

Обладает возможностью докачки с учетом обновления сайта. Обладает расширенной системой фильтрации входящих файлов по типу и URL.

BackStreet Browser is an application which was designed as a high-speed, multi-threading website retrieval and viewing program. By making multiple simultaneous server requests, BackStreet can quickly download an entire website including HTML, graphics, Java Applets, sound and other user definable files.

In the event you lose your Internet connection while downloading a site, the Resume Session allows you to pick up a session where you left off after reestablishing your Internet connection. If you wish to update a previously downloaded site, the Update Session feature allows you to revisit a site using new search parameters to make sure you have the most current files.

After downloading, all links within the website are reconstructed creating a complete hard drive copy of the site that you can view at your own pace without being connected to the Internet. Additionally, BackStreet provides the option of duplicating the original directory structure of a site making it easy to download and transfer a site to another server. In addition to the embedded quick-view browser window in the main program screen, you can launch your default browser for viewing any downloaded projects.

Here are some key features of “BackStreet Browser”:

  • · High-speed, multi-threading website download.
  • · Resume feature to pick up a session where left off.
  • · Update feature to download new or modified files.
  • · Built-in file viewer in onboard browser window to view files offline.
  • · Print/Preview downloaded files within same offline browser window.
  • · Built-in Zip/Unzip facility for downloaded websites.
  • · Option of duplicating the original directory structure of a site.
  • · Filters files by URL, size, type, date modified, text.
  • · User-selectable recursion levels, retrieval threads, timeout and proxy support.
  • · Accesses password-protected sites.

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BackStreet Browser 3.2 + Portable
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BackStreet Browser 3.2 + Portable