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Старые Игры (Old Games) – Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 (Amiga)

22.01.2010 1:56
4.2 out of 5 stars

Старые Игры (Old Games) – Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 (Amiga)




Классика жанра. Наверное один из лучших симуляторов футбола. Уже все настроено. Устанавливаем и играем.

One of the most famous games released for our machine, and with good reason. It takes the superb gameplay of Sensible Soccer, adds a ludicrous number of teams, players and leagues, throws in a mangement feature and comes up with something that will take over your life if you let it. Ridiculously addictive and playable, and is enduring in a way this year’s Pro Evo and FIFA games never will be (as good as they are).

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Старые Игры (Old Games) – Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 (Amiga)