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Portable Игры (Games) – Turtle Bay v1.03

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Portable Игры (Games) – Turtle Bay v1.03



Путешествия черепашки с реактивным панцирем.

Octopus aliens have invaded and disturbed the peace and tranquility of Turtle Bay. Moreover, many turtles have been encased in ice. It is your job to put on your new technology and go rescue them all in an adventure that spans 80 levels!

Turtle Bay is a beautiful game both to play and look at. The controls are easy and help players develop mouse control and good hand-eye coordination. The graphics are beautifully rendered and very vibrant. You will enjoy the entire experience as you cruise around saving turtles, collecting great items, and defeating the octopuses.

What’s Cool – 5 hidden levels that are waiting for you to find! In addition, all levels can be played again and you can go back and discover items and secrets that you couldn’t before once you gain powerups on later levels. This unique style of gameplay adds some cool twists to the game that will keep your interest high.

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Portable Игры (Games) – Turtle Bay v1.03