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Portable Игры (Games) – Robocop 2d 3

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Portable Игры (Games) – Robocop 2d 3



Очередная вариация на тему Робокопа, теперь на ПК.

Crime in old Detroit has spiralled out of control, gangs riot & fight freely in the streets.
Omni Consumer Products are happy with these events, with the destruction of old Detroit near complete they are free to begin construction of their own completely controlled Delta City.
To disguise their plan to do nothing while Detroit crumbles, OCP begin mass production of their now out dated crime prevention unit. These units however are assembled at a low cost
with their organic systems provided by executed convicts and programmed to kill not only the guilty but… the innocent.

One lone crime prevention unit stands between OCP`s army of crazed robotic cops and their plan for complete control… Robocop!

Genre: Action
Format: Pc, Mac & Linux

PC:- “Robocop2D3.exe” (DirectX)
PC:- “Robocop2D3_GL.exe” (OpenGL)
Apple Mac(Intel):- “Robocop2D3.app”
Linux:- Further Unzip “Robocop2D3_Linux.zip” & copy executable to main folder “Robocop2D3/”, run “Robocop2D3_Linux”

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Portable Игры (Games) – Robocop 2d 3