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Portable Aquadelic 1.2.1

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Portable Aquadelic 1.2.1 – гонки на катерах



Красивые трехмерные моторные гонки на катерах:

  • гонка одного против трех противников
  • гонки на время против противника
  • свободный режим, без противников

Aquadelic 1.2.1 is a popular 3D powerboat racing game of 2006.

The game can be played in three modes.

First mode is race against one to three opponents
Second mode is time trial against time opponent
Third mode is free style mode with no opponents.

There are four different boats that differ not just in appearance, but also in driving capabilities. Only one boat is accesible in single player modes by default. But such a detail like winning the race unlocks other three boats.

Aquadelic is result of joint work of Hammerware and Al!eN, music is done by Cognize Coke.

System Requirements:
OS at least Windows 98 (recommended: Windows XP)
AMD/Intel processor @ 700 MHz (recommended: 1 GHz)
64 MB RAM (recommended: alespo? 128 MB RAM)
3D accelerator with 32 MB RAM, OpenGL 1.2
(recommended: ATI Radeon 9600 / nVidia GeForce 4)


Загрузок: 260

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Portable Aquadelic 1.2.1 – гонки на катерах