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Ostrich Runner Portable

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Ostrich Runner Portable


Ostrich Runner

Ostrich Runner – в вашем распоряжении разные страусы: один одел пиратскую шляпу, другой в колониальном прикиде, третий в шапочке и валенках или медицинской форме.

Выглядят птички очень симпотично, а бегают – ну просто загляденье! Во время гонки “болиды” постоянно спотыкаются и кувыркаются. Всё это выглядит очень забавно. Добро пожаловать в Страусиные бега!

Can you handle the most breathtaking free running game you’ve ever seen? The ostrich planet needs your help! The evil professor has made off with all of the eggs so that he can turn the chicks into cyborg soldiers. His assistant, however, left behind a noticeable clue that will help to catch up with him! The brightest, quickest ostrich should head out in pursuit. After choosing a character, you will head out in pursuit of the kidnapper, competing with other ostriches along the way. In order to win this unusual race, you will need not only to be among the top finishers, but also collect a sufficient number of lost eggs. Pay close attention, avoid dangers and traps, collect bonuses and search for secret locations!

This free running game is full of action! Awaiting you in this arcade racer are amazingly beautiful animated graphics, a great variety of racing tracks all over the planet and unusual, cheerful gameplay. In multiuser mode, players can race with other players over a network or at the same computer. Download Ostrich Runner and help the poor ostriches to get their progeny back.


  • Animated graphics
  • Many types of bonuses
  • A variety of racing tracks
  • Split screen play (two players at the same computer)
  • Local network play

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Ostrich Runner Portable
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Ostrich Runner Portable