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Что нового IcoFX 2.10 Final Portable

15.01.2015 3:19
5 out of 5 stars

IcoFX 2.10 Final Portable – создание, извлечение, редактирование иконок и курсоров - что нового?


IcoFX 2.10 Final
• Added 192×192 (xxxhdpi) size to Android icons dialog (Business license)
• Option to add a background and/or foreground image when batch creating icons (Business license)
• Added option to set the dpi of saved png and jpg images
• Option to open link or icon of shortcut (*.lnk) files
• Open icons from url files
• JPG images are autorotated based on the EXIF data
• Improved text tool
• [Fixed] Shortcut links were not dereferenced correctly if they were pointing to a 64 bit file
• Minor enhancements and bugfixes

IcoFX 2.8 Final
+ Support for png and bmp toolbar strip images (Business/Site license)
+ Icon compression indicator on the sidebar
+ Icon compression button on the local toolbar for easier toggle
+ Simplified Chinese translation
* One frame GIF files are saved with a global palette and minimal bit count
* [Fixed] Crash at trimming icons when the new size already existed
* [Fixed] Undo was not working correctly sometimes if the tool was selected using keyboard shortcuts
* [Fixed] Icons with 1 bit png image were not opened correctly
* Minor enhancements and bugfixes