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Alternate QR Code Generator 1.720

07.08.2016 18:54
5 out of 5 stars

Alternate QR Code Generator 1.720 + Portable – генератор QR-кодов


Alternate QR Code Generator
Alternate QR Code Generator – генератор QR-кодов для быстрого считывания информации мобильными устройствами.

В изображении QR-символа удобно кодировать ссылки на сайты, номера телефонов, адреса электронной почты да и вообще любой произвольный текст. Alternate QR Code Generator позволяет не только получить соответствующую картинку, но также менять ее размер, цвет и уровень коррекции ошибок.

Сформированный QR-код можно сохранить в виде изображений или скопировать в буфер обмена для использования в других программах. Продвинутые пользователи могут запускать программу из командной строки с помощью соответствующих параметров.

Alternate QR Code Generator is an easy to use tool for anyone who needs to generate a Quick Response code image. Its main goal is to facilitate this task and provide you with a simple interface for the job. The QR codes became increasingly popular since smartphones were able to scan and interpret the code in order to access various web pages. Today, this type of matrix barcode is widely used for labels, document management and products. If you want to create a customized QR code and store various information such as a link or contact information, you have the option to use a web-based tool or a program that can be installed on your computer.

While the online tools can be accessed on multiple operating systems and even mobile phones, the standalone applications require no Internet access. If you prefer the latter option, the Alternate QR Code Generator provides you with the basic tools. The program is able to create barcodes with any text that you enter in the main window. The user has the option to type in the message, paste the content or load it from TXT files.

Before generating the image, make sure that you adjust the colors and error correction level. The pixel width is important when you want to control the size of the code. However, you need to choose a value that optimizes both the size and readability. The output image can be simply copied to the clipboard or manually saved on your computer in order to use it later. Since it can include both links and plain text, the QR code can be used for multiple purposes. Although it does not include the ability to create labels or multiple barcodes at the same time, Alternate QR Code Generator is a viable choice for casual users who need to store information in a QR image.

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
Лекарство: Не требуется
Язык: ML + Русский
Размер: 1.5/3.1 Mb

Alternate QR Code Generator 1.720

Alternate QR Code Generator 1.720 Portable

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Alternate QR Code Generator 1.720 + Portable – генератор QR-кодов