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TidyTabs 1.3.1

30.06.2018 12:35
5 out of 5 stars

TidyTabs 1.3.1 + Portable – добавляет вкладки во все программы


TidyTabs – инструмент, который добавляет вкладки во все программы.

Всегда хотел иметь вкладки в стиле Chrome в проводнике Windows, Microsoft Office или где-либо еще? TidyTabs делает именно это.

TidyTabs enables you to add tabs to any application window. You can group multiple program into a single window and then switch between them using tabs. Once TidyTabs is running, it will automatically tab-enable any application. The tab will appear when you hover your mouse over the top left corner of the window. To group the application with another window, simply drag its tab onto the other windows tab bar and create a tabbed group.

TidyTabs try to be as stealthy and non-distracting as possible. The tabs are hidden automatically when you don’t need them, so that they don’t get in your way. When they need to be visible, they stay semi-transparent until you actively use them.

By default, TidyTabs will tab-enable most windows but you can have complete control over this by limiting tabs to selected application or exclude programs from getting “tabbified”. The free version is limited to 3 tabs and personal use. A Pro version that offers multi-monitor support and lets you re-arrange and rename tabs is available for purchase.

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TidyTabs 1.3.1 + Portable – добавляет вкладки во все программы