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Extended Clipboard 1.4.24

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Extended Clipboard 1.4.24


Extended Clipboard

Extended Clipboard – является дополнением к буферу обмена Windows.

Она создает 12 виртуальных буферов, содержимое которых сохраняется даже после перезагрузки или отключения компьютера. Программа может запускаться при запуске компьютера и прятаться в системный лоток (рядом с часами). Поддержка горячих клавиш CTRL-C, CTRL-V и т.п.

The Extended Clipboard is an application that will turn your Clipboard into a folder. You can organize and save your Clipboard contents. The Clipboard items are sorted by Type and Date and you can select your desired clipboard item and use it in your favorite application.

Extended Clipboard has a backup function so the content is still in your clipboard even when your computer crashes. With automatic clean up your Clipboard is always clean and up to date.

Here are some key features of “Extended Clipboard”:

  • · Small editor for Text Items
  • · Multiuser support, every user can have its own clipboard, or all use the same
  • · Automatic Clean Up overdone
  • · Design changed
  • · The content of the clipboard is avaliable after rebooting or shutting down your computer
  • · Filter for duplicate entries
  • · Customizable timeout for new entries
  • · Keyboard Shortcuts
  • · New Look
  • · Administrator Tools (Log & Console)
  • · upx compression saves up to 75% space

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Extended Clipboard 1.4.24