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Что нового SyMenu 4.07.5568 Portable

31.03.2015 21:16
5 out of 5 stars

SyMenu 4.07.5568 Portable – удобное меню для запуска портативных программ - что нового?


SyMenu 4.06.5541 Rus
Whats New:
- Sysinternals suite has been enabled to SPS Suites
- SPS programs could be filtered with a search tool
- Management of the SPS suites trash
- The freshest released SPS programs (10 days) are highlighted with a label
- SPS programs folder paths are now unchangeable despite the programs version
- SPS create _CacheCustom folder for every suite to host che users’ custom SPS
- Bug fix

SyMenu 4.04.5513 Rus
Whats New:
- New implementation on SPS Manager

SyMenu 3.02.5347 Rus
- New PAF suite manager plugin
- Marquee control to show long labels on contextual menu
- Added a customizable splash screen
- Bug fix on proxy manager

SyMenu 3.00.5207 Rus
- Movable Start Menu replacer button
- Windows host programs are now listed directly inside the context menu and not only in the search bar
- Autoexec on start and Autoexec on close could now be filtered with the computer names in which they have to be activated
- Re-execute command in cmd.exe directly from SyMenu Command form
- Added Romanian language
- Added German language
- Changed application font
- Published a special SyMenu version customized with NirSoft suite
- Bug fix on recent: recent used to lost its entries every time SyMenu starts