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Magic DVD Creator Portable

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Magic DVD Creator Portable – прожиг DVD


Magic DVD Creator Portable

Magic DVD Creator – удобная и лёгкая в использовании программа, которая поможет Вам прожечь DVD в 4 шага, а при необходимости – и создать меню к фильмам.

Программа не требует особых навыков. Может записывать MPEG, AVI и другие видео файлы на VCD диски. Вы можете добавлять видео файлы различных форматов, таких как AVI, MPEG, WMV. Вы можете записать разные фильмы длительностью 4 часа, которые вы потом можете посмотреть в машине или на домашнем DVD плеере.

Magic DVD Creator is a professional and easy-to-use application that creates your favorite DVD files directly. With it, you may transcode and burn Internet movie files into DVD disc, and you can easily merge up to four hours of multiple movies or episodic files to standard MPEG2 video and burn it into a DVD/RW disc that playable on a car or home DVD player.
Magic DVD Creator helps you to burn with AVI, WMV and other video formats. Additionally its DVD burning completely compatible with either PAL or NTSC mode. Just drag the converted file into your favorite DVD burning application, and burn it to DVD.
Magic DVD Creator provides you with the answer to your DVD-authoring needs. Far from being a simple DVD burner, it has become the ‘hit’ software for thousands of movie lovers because of its strong ability to burn without the hassle found in so many other software packages. It is easy-in-use, only in 4 steps to burn DVDs.


  • Burn videos in DVD;
  • Create a real DVD discs;
  • Create menu for DVD movie ;
  • And much more!;

The following video formats are supported:

  • AVI (DivX, XviD, MS MPEG 4, Uncompressed, Cinepak and others) ;
  • MPEG (MPEG 1, MPEG 2 Video, VCD, DVD, SVCD);
  • WMV Windows Media Video;
  • MOV Apple video format for the Macintosh.;
  • 3GP a file format which is used in mobile phones to store media (audio/video).
  • RM a digital sound and video file format .
  • SWF Presenting vector-based interactive and animated graphics with sound for the Web.

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Magic DVD Creator Portable – прожиг DVD