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mpTrim 3.00 Beta 2 Portable

15.04.2019 15:34
3.7 out of 5 stars

mpTrim 3.00 Beta 2 Portable – уникальный редактор mp3 файлов


mpTrim – небольшой уникальный редактор mp3 файлов.

Основной отличительной особенностью утилиты является то, что она работает с MP3 форматом непосредственно, то есть не декодирует/кодирует его, а соответственно вся работы занимает совсем немного времени и совершенно не ухудшается качество музыкального произведения. mpTrim позволяет удалять паузы и нежелательные части из файлов, понижать или повышать уровень звука и применять эффекты затухания.

mpTrim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor. Cutting your audio files to the desired length is easy and fast with mpTrim. Moreover, you can clean up, amplify and fade in or out your MP3s. Use it to improve your MP3 collection. This application is portable, so it doesnt require installation and it doesnt modify your Windows registry. The interface is intuitive and you have access to information such as bitrate, length, codec type and ending status. Advanced information about frames, errors and ID3 tags is provided, too.

First of all, mpTrim allows you to remove silence or unwanted parts from your MP3s. Additionally, you can adjust the volume of MP3s manually or using automatic tools (volume normalization). Another option you can try are fading in and out your music, in order to eliminate abrupt beginning or ending.

Music quality is preserved at a high level, no matter how many times you process a file, because there is no decoding or re-encoding involved. This also means the application works very fast. Furthermore, mpTrim is able to clean-up MP3s and to recover wasted disk space. Audio trimming can be performed from the beginning or from the end and values can be expressed either in time or in frames.

The user can adjust the minimum CUE track length allowed for regeneration, set mpTrim to automatically detect the silence when opening a file, set the normalization threshold and select the aggression level for silence detection. mpTrim is one of the most efficient MP3 cutting tools and it is suitable for all categories of users. It needs a low amount of system resources to function and it does its job fast and error-free. Most important of all, music quality remains intact.

Платформа: Win All
Язык интерфейса: EN + RU
Лекарство: Free
Размер: 1.0 Mb

Загрузок: 124

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