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Mirro Player 1.0

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Mirro Player 1.0 + Portable


Mirro Player

Mirro Player – простой мини-аудиоплеер, фактически представляющий собой самостоятельный виджет для рабочего стола Windows на полупрозрачной основе и с небольшой анимацией.

Mirro is a simple audio player for XP, Vista and Windows 7 with great looks. It sports an awesome Aero skin which looks great on Vista and Windows 7. As mentioned before, the Mirro player doesn’t come much options. You can see shuffle, repeat, exit and minimize buttons along with previous, next and pause/resume buttons. Click on the blue music icon to browse and play an audio file.

Install Mirro player only if you need a good-looking music player as this player doesn’t come with features that you can find in other popular players. This is possibly the most beautiful music player I have ever seen!

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Mirro Player 1.0 + Portable