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CP3 Studio 2.0

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CP3 Studio 2.0 + Portable


CP3 Studio
CP3 STUDIO – является единственным проигрывателем музыки, поддерживающим помимо MP3 также и новый стандарт CP3.

CP3 файлы нового поколения предназначены для воспроизведения музыки с вокальным звучанием, регулируемым во время проигрывания. Просто, сдвинув регулятор вправо или влево на СР3-плеере, вокальной объем может быть установлена от нуля “режим сопровождения” до полного значения “режим прослушивания”.

  • CP3 STUDIO is the only music player for CP3 file-adjusting vocal and recording.” CP3 files are new music contents with the vocal volume adjustable while being played. Just by sliding the vocal volume gauge right or left at the CP3 Player, the vocal volume can be set from zero to full; once the vocal volume removed completely, CP3 turns into the ‘accompaniment mode’ but with the full vocal volume, CP3 turns into the ‘listening mode’.

How to get CP3 files : CP3 CONVERTER and www.vocoo.com
Users can Convert their own music files (in .m4a or .mp3) into CP3 via ‘CP3 CONVERTER’ provided At www.vocoo.com and save the Converted CP3 files either at PC or iPhone-exclusive application ‘CP3 SUTDIO’.
Users who want ‘CP3 CONVERTING’ need to check first if their own music files (in .m4a or .mp3) are Convertible into CP3; Convertible Song List is available at www.vocoo.com, which is updated on a daily basis covering most of iTunes Top Songs 200. Up to 1,300 songs, composed of the newest and most popular songs, are now Convertible.

How to Play CP3 files : CP3 STUDIO for PC or iPhone

  • Control the original vocal volume
  • Listen to the original music
  • Sing to the original accompaniment
  • Record your voice onto CP3 in place of the original vocal

User’s Benefit

  • Those who used Karaoke files can enjoy the original accompaniments of the newest/most popular songs and those who used the vocal removers can enjoy the original accompaniment with the sound quality undamaged.
  • Users don’t have to purchase each music source in different formats for every and each need. Listening and karaokeing can be realized easily and efficiently with just one CP3 file.

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CP3 Studio 2.0 + Portable